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Mountain View Conference

News from the Mountain View Conference, which includes West Virginia & part of Pennsylvania

Responding to a Bible study request card took Clifford and Cathy Long on a journey to truth.

In the spring of 2014, Clifford Long received a Voice of Prophecy (VOP) Discover Bible study request card that eventually led to several of his family members learning more about the Bible. Long returned the card, and started receiving Discover Bible studies from Delsie Knicely, a member from the Lewisburg (W.Va.) church.

Los hispanos planifican un campestre

A pesar de que algunas asociaciones cancelaron sus campestres en lugar de la Sesión General en julio, muchos miembros hispanos en la Unión aún tienen planes de reunirse. A continuación algunos detalles para ayudarle a planificar:


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