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News from our schools within the Mid-Atlantic region

Alumni who currently serve at SAA are (back row, left to right) Terri Sheahin (1973–1984), elementary administrative assistant; Kaitlyn Masotta (’11), Spanish; Lisa Froelich (’10), band; Greg Macalinao (’05), P. E./health; (front row) Pamela Hernandez (’15), Pre-K aide; Brittany Thorp (’07), business manager; Jarrod Lutz (’07), English; and Linda McEowen (1957–1966), guidance counselor/P. E.

For the 2018–19 academic year, Chesapeake Conference's Spencerville Adventist Academy has more alumni working at the school than ever before. In fact, it has become something of a running joke among staff members who have been here for quite some time that the school is now being run by students. In the high school alone, one-fourth of the teachers are former graduates.