Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

November 2019

“As Kettering Adventist HealthCare continues to find innovative ways to provide compassionate, quality and accessible care to patients in our neighborhoods, we are looking to leaders like George Lewis and Tim Dutton to help us achieve these goals while advancing our mission,” says CEO Fred Manchur.

Allegheny East Conference representative Cheryl Chavers speaks during the Executive Committee meeting.

Debido a la "advertencia" oficial que se dio a la Unión de Columbia en el Consejo Anual de la Conferencia General del 2019 como resultado de la acción votada por el distrito electoral de la Unión de Columbia del 2012 para permitir la "ordenación ministerial inclusiva" en la Unión de Columbia, y a la luz de las discusiones sobre este tema que continúan teniendo lugar en la Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día, SE VOTÓ:

Columbia Union Executive Committee member Sanjay Thomas discusses the Columbia Union's statement.

In response to the warning issued by the 2019 General Conference Annual Council, the Columbia Union Conference Executive Committee voted to “affirm and express its unwavering support for the primacy of the Word of God; the mission and fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church; the belief in the Prophet Joel’s prophecy of Joel 2:28-29; women who serve as pastors, elders and leaders, according to policy; and the Union leadership team.”

These mosaics portray a number of people, some of whom are identified. The name of Pope Paschal I’s mother, Theodora, was written in the mosaics in this chapel by her portrait, followed by the title, episcopa. While an exact meaning cannot be determined, this title typically referred to the office of bishop.