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Ohio Conference Launches 2019 With Prayer of Emphasis

Story by Buffy Halvorsen

The Ohio Conference recently hosted their Annual Prayer of Emphasis Day. Event organizer Buffy Halvorsen shared these tips for the day that you can use for a similar event at your church.

If prayer is the breath of the soul, we as Christians must breathe deep and often. Colossians 4:2 reads: “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving” (ESV).

Below are suggestions to make this day memorable for all ages in your church.

1. Set up “Prayer Stations” around the church:

• A Prayer Wall
• A Bread of Life station (with bread to eat)
• A Water of Life station (with water to drink)
• A Thanksgiving station: Notes may be written on dried leaves.
• An Altar: Burdens of surrender may be written on rocks and left behind.
• A Requests station: Prayer requests may be written on egg-shaped cards with promises on the other side and left in God’s care to “hatch” in His time.

2. Use writing prompts for prayer:

Find a notebook to dedicate as a prayer journal. List 31 prompts to help you focus on speci c subjects (perhaps a goal for the month or a person who is hard to love). Remember to pray for your church and some- one who needs salvation. Write down anything you want to talk to God about—it’s up to you!

3. Young families often use M&Ms or Skittle prayers. The color you pick suggests the prayer you focus on. Assign candy colors to represent:

• Prayers for family
• Prayers for church
• Thanksgiving
• Prayers for sick and hurting • Praise prayers

4. Doughnuts. Pick up a dozen for your home or of ce, and “doughnut forget to pray.”

There are many more ideas; this is just a sampling. Most importantly, the notion is to make the day mean- ingful, memorable, experiential and full of God’s pres- ence. I hope you and your family will utilize one or more

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