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Maryland Members Start Prayer Line for Families Separated at Border

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Like many Americans, Sylvia Urrutia and Anissa Pérez, members of Potomac Conference’s Arise Hispanic-American Company in Silver Spring, Md., felt emotionally drained the past few weeks, watching families being torn apart on the U.S./Mexico border while trying to enter the country.

“As we struggle with feelings of helplessness, we try to find ways to help or make a difference in the lives of these precious little ones and their families. As constantly as they are on our mind, just as constantly have our hearts turned to prayer,” says Urrutia, whose parents immigrated from Argentina before she was born.

Knowing prayer is powerful, Urrutia and Pérez are starting the Family Together Prayer Line, Monday and Friday evenings at 9 p.m., starting June 29.

“We chose this time because we realized that, at most of the facilities where the kids are being held, 9 p.m. (local time) is their lights out and bedtime,” says Pérez, whose father immigrated from El Salvador. “Bedtime in an unfamiliar place without mom and dad; [this] can be a scary thing, so we want to lift them up in prayer at that very moment.”

The sessions will consist of short, three– to five–minute devotional thoughts and prayer. Callers will pray for the families involved: for peace, comfort and a soon reunification.

Dial (563) 999-1921 to be automatically connected to the call. Press *6 to mute your side of the call.

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