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Candace Nurse hands Victor Zill, treasurer of the Mountain View Conference, a check.

CURF to Return $3.2 Million to Conferences for Ministry

Story by Celeste Ryan Blyden

Twenty years ago, the eight conferences within the Columbia Union Conference provided significant funds to help meet a new North American Division (NAD) policy that revolving funds across the division should maintain a minimum of 25 percent of their monies in capital reserves. Now that the Columbia Union Revolving Fund (CURF) has met and maintained that requirement for many years, the administration will return those funds to the conferences. The funds will total about $3.2 million, says Emmanuel Asiedu, union treasurer.

The Columbia Union also contributed to the fund between 1996 and 1998, explained Dave Weigley, president of the union, who added that he wanted to find
another way to support conference ministry initiatives and evangelism efforts. “Emmanuel suggested that we return these funds to provide a nancial boost for use when and where it’s needed most,” Weigley says.

Even after the reversion, CURF will continue to maintain more than the minimum in reserves required by NAD policy, reports H. Candace Nurse, associate treasurer and CURF secretary/treasurer. She adds that no noteholder funds will be used in the transactions, and that they will remain secure.


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