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Erwin Mack present the Caring Heart Award to Ken Flemmer

ACSGW Executive Director Recognized for Selfless Community Service

Story by Angel Tabe

Kenneth Flemmer, executive director of Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington (ACSGW), has been honored with the Caring Heart Award in recognition of his extraordinary services to the community. Members and leadership from Potomac Conference’s Sligo church in Takoma Park, Md., recognized him during the annual 2018 Festival of Praise.

In a surprise award presentation ceremony, Erwin Mack, head elder, a past award recipient himself, underscored the unique circumstances that even merits a nomination and that Flemmer exceeded. “Pastors look to find people in the community, and the church who has done unusual things, acting in a way to help. And this year, I asked you, Ken, to help me because you are the recipient!” Mack announced.

Mack read the award statement, pointing out that Flemmer has exemplified the best of what the Adventist Church can do for a community for which it cares. In his proclamation, Mack said Ken is a professional facilitator in many areas of job/skills training and community services. He went on to list some of the many things Flemmer has done and still does, such as encouraging clients to enroll in classes and finding licensed instructors to teach math, science, computer classes and music.

“Ken serves in the Takoma Park Council and drives his truck to pick up food and furniture for the hungry and needy. He started a six-to-eight weekday camp for kids in low-income communities and tirelessly solicits funds from all sources. He organized one of the best food pantries in Montgomery County, welcomes little kids and their moms to ACSGW and does not discriminate who may receive help and services from the center. He does landscaping at ACSGW and serves in many capacities at the church. For these extraordinary acts, mostly within the city of Takoma Park, the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church gives Kenneth Flemmer its 2018 Caring Heart Award,” read Mack.

Flemmer thanked the speaker, assembly, the church and its supporters at large, and concluded, “As I said earlier in Sabbath School, it is because of people like you that there is a center. Thirty-five years of faithful support! And I am just so honored. Thank you!”

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