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Elizabeth English Members Witness the Healing Power of Prayer

When no doctor could ease the swelling and pain that five-year-old Chinaza suffered from, his parents turned to prayer.

Story by New Jersey Conference Staff

Pastor Andre Ascalon (left) and the Nwajis rejoice over Chinaza’s healing. Pastor Andre Ascalon (left) and the Nwajis rejoice over Chinaza’s healing.

When their five-year-old son, Chinaza, was diagnosed with a skin disease, Ebere and Esther Nwaji, members of New Jersey Conference’s Elizabeth English church, turned to prayer. Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) a disease of the skin and organs, a disease of the skin and other organs, causes inflammation of the blood vessels in the skin, intestines, kidneys and joints.

Patients must be continually observed for signs of intestinal obstruction and abnormal kidney function and damage. As a result of the disease, Chinaza began to experience significant swelling on one side of his head as well as in his hands and feet. The swelling was so bad that he was unable to walk or stand. For five days, he was in extreme discomfort with considerable and continual pain. He had been to two different hospitals, when his parents decided to bring him church where Pastor Andre Ascalon and the church’s elders prayed over and anointed the boy. The entire congregation also appealed to God for divine intervention.

The very next day, Chinaza’s parents informed Pastor Ascalon that their son was much improved. All the swelling in his head, hands and feet and all the inflammation of the joints, pain and discomfort was gone! Chinaza was once again walking and behaving like a five year old.

“How great is our God! It was a powerful testimony of the mighty God we serve and how merciful and powerful He is. All praise and honor we give to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” said Pastor Ascalon.


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