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Pine Forge Academy Choir

Choir Records New Album Beams of Heaven

Story by Tracey Jackson

Early last spring, Pine Forge Academy (PFA) students, faculty and families celebrated a historic event years in the making. The choir, accompanied by Diallo Banks on piano; Russel Paul, using one of the oldest and largest organs in the Philadelphia area; and a full orchestra, recorded their most recent audio CD. The album features a myriad of musical selections, ranging from the classical period to gospel music.

It has been 12 years since the PFA choir produced Rock in a Weary Land, under the direction of Jason Ferdinand, the current director of the Oakwood University (Ala.) Aeolians and chair of Oakwood’s Music Department. Ferdinand served as the PFA choir director from 2001–2008.

Jarrett Roseborough, the current PFA choir director, is “quite excited to present the work that was done on the recording to the world of music and those awaiting.” He adds, “The students have worked hard to produce this, and I am sure that they will be proud of the mark that they have left on the reputation of musical excellence at Pine Forge Academy.”

The spiritual growth and influence was felt throughout the PFA campus and community as they put hard work into the production. Lael Beckles (’22) remarks, “Being a part of this recording was such an honor. God really used this choir to minister to those in the audience. This recording really brought us together as a choir and helped us learn more about each other and God.”

Morgan Harrell (‘21) says, “Being a part of this project and the PFA choir is not only a privilege for me, but continues my family legacy, as my parents were also choir members.” Mezzo 1 singer Noelle Martell (’20) adds, “It was exciting! We had a lot of practices, and it was hard work, but through this album we will minister to many people and touch many lives.”

Choir students voted to name the album Beams of Heaven, as the title refers to one of the more moving and influential songs of the 2018–19 school year. The album was released in early September and is available on all major music streams and can also be ordered directly from Pine Forge Academy.

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