Connecting Columbia Union Seventh-day Adventists

Back Row: Joyce Adebonojo, Arnon Cornette, Ethan Wu and Cliff Wright; and (front row) Jordan Carter, Sonali Prillman and Isabele Arteaga participate in The Buzz Weekly Radio Show.

Spencerville Adventist Academy Students Launch Radio Show

Story by Heidi Wetmore

When Cliff Wright, Jr. joined Spencerville Adventist Academy (SAA) last August as part of a principal fellowship, no one knew that he also hosted his own talk show called CliffNotes on Brite Radio, a Christian Internet radio station. Seeing the talent of SAA students and their drive to have an impact in the world, Wright pitched an idea to the Brite Radio general manager for a show produced and hosted by high school students. Four months later, The Buzz Weekly Radio Show was born.

Through producing the show, students apply and enhance their mathematics and language arts skills. Wright also introduces radio show participants to basic elements and skills needed for radio broadcast production, including broadcast news writing, sound engineering and the laws and ethics of broadcast and Internet radio.

Sophomore Joyce Adebonojo says, “I feel strongly about economic and political issues, and Internet radio seems like a great venue to share my point of view and relate with other students. For me, it is important to be a part of something that helps people connect.”

Jordan Carter, a sophomore, shares, “It intrigued me that actual teenagers could host a real radio show. We get an opportunity to tell the world how we really see things. We don’t just take selfies and laugh at dumb jokes. We actually do use the beautiful brains God gave us. We’re here. We see. We think. That’s what I want to share, and that’s what I know I will do.”

Another sophomore, Sonali Prillman, says, “I decided to join the show because I love entertaining people—whether it be singing, playing an instrument or being on stage in a play. Being on Brite Radio will allow me to voice my opinion and entertain others.”

Wright, says, “True mentorship is discipleship. . . . It is possible to educate someone without mentoring them, but it is impossible to mentor someone without educating them. Mentorship was Christ’s example—being intentional about sharing real world knowledge and skills is essential to growing our students academically, socially, physically and, most important, spiritually.  The students have a vast audience and an opportunity to witness and serve worldwide right from the school.”

Brite Radio is considered a 3CM (Cross Cultural Christian Music) station, and plays 24/7 with no commercials, so there is no concern about advertisements that could potentially share conflicting views. The only break in the music is for original shows hosted by other Christians in Maryland. Listen to The Buzz Weekly Radio Show on Sundays, from 2-3:30 p.m., on Brite Radio at

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